Join overly enthusiastic, completely inept "life coach" Claire Lichtenstein and her rag-tag group of misfits, who she promises to turn: "From who they are, into who they want you to think they are!"

Over our seven episode arc, this mockumentary style ensemble comedy will follow each group member's journey from #drab2fab, one embarrassing breakdown at a time, some of which aren't Claire's.

If you've ever spiraled into social media's wormhole of self loathing, been a hot mess jonesing for a quick fix, or fell for a cheesy acronym, do we have a comedy for you! ARE YOU READY TO LIVE YOUR L.L.I.F.E.?



Lynn Downey plays  self proclaimed "life coach" Claire Lichtenstein. What she lacks in knowledge she makes up for with enthusiasm and self doubt.






Fadhia Marcelin plays the cool-headed Lauren.  As Claire's best friend, her job is to bring calm and sanity to the group. And it is Not. Easy.

Jon Snow plays the resident douche bag Steve. But, does he have a heart of gold under all that bro?

Lauren J. Peters plays the loud mouthed Max. She's been told she's a bit of a "loose canon", and needs to get better at "being a human".

Kirsten Day plays the hyper-perky Charlotte, who believes who believes Claire is her guru. Don't let that demeanor fool you--she's got a dark side.

Daryl Lee plays the terminally shy Alex. He's scared of his own shadow, but once he finds his voice, all bets are off.


Teaming up to create Life Group, Melissa Blue and Lynn Downey are interested in telling stories that are both uplifting and irreverent. By highlighting alternative voices, creating great characters for women & minorities, and making fart jokes, they believe in the healing power of human community.

As the Showrunner for Life Group, Melissa has over 18 years of experience as an actor, writer, photographer and Director of Photography.  She also runs a successful photography and videography business.

Lynn has been a professional actress for over 10 years in theatre, film, and commercials. She is also an award-winning playwright for "Cold Tangerines: The Play", produced by Little Candle Productions, where she is an artistic associate and director of outreach.

Melissa Blue & Lynn Downey