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EPISODE 1: Live Your L.L.I.F.E.!
Claire has high hopes to change lives with her new group program. But when the actual personalities involved collide, and critiques go flying, it sends her running for the hills. She’ll rally—that is if Lauren can talk her out of hiding.

EPISODE 2: Welcome to the R.O.D.E.O”
As the group “Recaps Our Daily Experiences, Okay?” we learn that a meme of Steve has gone viral. His softer side is revealed, along with Claire’s insatiable jealousy.

EPISODE 3:  Who’s got the best T.I.T.S?
Hopped up on Red Bull and visions of grandeur, Claire’s skeptical when the group encourages Lauren to let her little light, and Etsy shop, shine.

EPISODE 4: We are D.T.F!
To “Defeat The Fear” Alex reveals he’s entered a singing competition... and won. (This from the guy who hasn’t spoken for the first three episodes.) Claire begins to spiral, but then she realizes she can take credit for his success.

EPISODE 5: Be a B.O.R.E!
In an attempt to be a “Bringer Of Real Excitement,” Max has pranked everyone in the group, and their outrage causes her to confess her real feelings about them. She even covers for Claire in an embarrassing moment.

EPISODE 6: The joys of A.N.A.L.
Charlotte’s attempt to bring positivity backfires when Claire’s selfishness gets ugly. An all female barbershop quartet and a go-pro taped to a bike helmet may be collateral damage.

EPISODE 7: Cleaning up the P.O.O. P.O.O.
In a black hole of shame, the group shows up to find Claire at her worst. When she learns to make an amends, she loses a client, but gains a friend. Against all odds, each member has (somehow) managed to grow personally, and become a family along the way.

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